• Take time to tailor your entry so it meets the stated criteria and is concise and to the point.  Don't just copy and  paste your 'About Us' information
  • Provide evidence. All data is treated in the strictest confidence
  • Don't over-do it. There is a strict word count, but we do allow supporting material to be included; just keep it  relevant and only include material which judges can easily view
  • Emphasise what you believe to be innovative in your submission - judges really like that
  • Make sure we can see and test what you are talking about. Provide web links so judges can find the relevant pages or functionality. If a password is needed, please provide in the entry
  • Offer endorsements. Don't expect our judges to take purely your word at face value, ask a client or business partner to big you up
  • Why not do something different? Supporting material could be a YouTube video explaining or demonstrating your submission. Sometimes it's hard to get across everything you'd like with the written word
  • Show us you want to win. Make sure your entry leaves no doubt some time and effort has been put into it. No spelling mistakes or bad grammar. Enter multiple categories, but tailor your entry to each, make it clear you have understood and crafted your entry according to the award criteria